Design for the cloud

REBIM is a cloud-based software for managing data within building projects. It allows engineers, contractors and architects to track issues and tasks on various complex building projects at once. We named the company, designed the logo and brand assets, designed the user interface, built the website and produced the promo video.

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Research is key

The success of all these elements relied on the quality of our research and our understanding of the end users. Using customer journey mapping we gathered powerful insights and applied them to our design thinking.

Access on the move

Engineers and contractors working on-site need quick access to their data at all times. That’s why we designed REBIM to work seamlessly across all devices.

Video Production

To help with promotion at events such as tech conferences we produced a video to sell the benefits of REBIM. We provided the scriptwriting, storyboarding, production and voiceover.

A word from the client

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