Unique app design

DoHire.com is an online tool hire service aimed at DIYers and tradespeople. We were tasked with naming and branding the company, designing the user interface across the site, and delivering all marketing materials including animation and assets for social media.

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Understanding the users

As part of the initial discovery phase we carried out a brandscape analysis and customer journey mapping to fully understand the users of the site, whether domestic or professional. This led us to create an accompanying business-to-business offering to target and capture tool hire companies specifically.

Mobile first

Our designs are firstly defined for mobile to ensure we’ve streamlined the user journey on the most widely used browsers and devices. In this case we estimate that up to 90% of hirers will be searching for tools on mobile, while most hire shops would be responding to requests via desktop PC. This influenced our UI designs for their respective areas on the site.

Bespoke Illustration

As part of our marketing drive we created bespoke animated characters for DoHire, for use across all platforms from the website to printed collateral, and to form part of our animated TV commercial.


We then produced an animated commercial, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, production and voiceover.

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